I wonder

I spent the week-end asking myself questions. There is nothing like concern for someone you love to make you pound the “what if ” keys like a heavy metal rocker… It was certainly noisy in there Desiring peace, I leant on my new incense habit until my hair smelt like a gypsy. Realising that it […]

Goodbye Blossom

News of a funeral the passing of a life memories dredged to lay damply on the surface of the mind some things spring quickly, so clearly the horse bets countless puffed cigarettes gravelling voice like tyres running across nicotine stained vocal chords and the way he stood of a morning one arm folded across his […]

Incense Sticks

Incense sticksLit and burningShedding ashOfferings to the GodsUntil our sticks are burnt And we are gone.. I used to hate incense – as recently as last month I hated incense – now I’m addicted to the stuff. The smell hasn’t changed, although now I open up my entire house and the scented smoke disperses so […]


Stubborn in the set of his shoulders rigid through the spine and all of this seen and sensed from behind known to me since before he was born I didn’t need to look in his eyes to know that this argument was not mine so I gracefully cleared the court changed the subject moved on. […]


He carried his grief like a pallbearer up high on his shoulders chin forward determined slightly hunched almost as if as long as he didn’t straighten all the way out his heart wouldn’t drop out of his chest I don’t know what it cost him to keep it all inside like that but then I […]

Passing showers

I thought I told you I’m sure I did I reminded myself As we always said We would But days run away and grow up to be months Years And all the words we didn’t say turn into concrete marked with children’s prints They resemble only the things that no longer fit Large hands cover […]