Incense Sticks

Incense sticks
Lit and burning
Shedding ash
Offerings to the Gods
Until our sticks are burnt

And we are gone..

I used to hate incense – as recently as last month I hated incense – now I’m addicted to the stuff.

The smell hasn’t changed, although now I open up my entire house and the scented smoke disperses so it is not overwhelming.

What’s changed? Ritual.
Incense has been burnt for thousands of years
For purification – it kills bacteria in the air
For meditation – some oils in certain incense mixes bring peace and calm breathing allowing a deeper connection to the divine
Prayer – the smoke is believed to carry our prayers to heaven
And for beauty and enjoyment of the rich aromas – this took awhile for me but now that I have tried a few blends I have found ones I love. (I’m also awaiting the arrival of some natural Australian blends from Byron bay which is exciting.)
Lighting incense has become part of my daily ritual and through ritual we find meaning and carve out sacred space for ourselves.
I light incense to send prayers, I light incense before yoga or meditation, I light incense to set an important intention and I light incense to celebrate a clean house.

4 thoughts on “Incense Sticks

  1. I’ve never done it, but I like the aromatherapy oils and certain herbs by my bed for dream incubation. I might like it with my yoga, but not sure if it would be hard on my dad’s respiration. Maybe sometime…Things like this a portal to a deeper consciousness for sure.

    • It began with white sage for me Lyn. I tried and found it wonderful for space clearing clarity and calm. Once I got used to the smoke I really liked it so I thought I would try incense – as long as I have all the windows and doors open it’s gorgeous and I really enjoy it. I also have essential oils vaporising so it’s a heady mix that is lovely. The ritual of lighting the sticks and watching the smoke curl is hypnotic. Although it is good for purifying bacteria from the air, so are oils and vaporisers and in a closed space they are perhaps gentler on the lungs for your Dad. You can always light an incense stick or smudge with white sage and then put it outside the front door to continue to burn down.

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