She saves me

There is something timeless about nature Unflappably effortlessly implacable We look into it and feel our hearts slow down a beat Watch a flock of birds circle Even in the busy city streets With honking cars And busy feet The clouds drift gently above A breeze dries the sweat on my cheek And she saves […]

Administration Updates

Could I come up with a more boring title? No, but I did use my most business like portrait I’ll make this quick I’ve updated my “about” page to include a new cleanskin email address (any other peoples inboxes beyond a joke?) I was doing a clean out of my usual inbox the other […]

Shattering and Fractured

Slip into my thoughts For we are all connected before we are born into another day Before the onslaught of words into our brains Only feelings and even those are vague Curling like smoke Warm like flames Then my eyes open And the words came And you were gone Buried deep within the maelstrom of […]