Shattering and Fractured

Slip into my thoughts

For we are all connected before we are born into another day

Before the onslaught of words into our brains

Only feelings and even those are vague

Curling like smoke

Warm like flames

Then my eyes open

And the words came

And you were gone

Buried deep within the maelstrom of thought feeling thought feeling thought feeling

Break of morning

Coffee yawning

Another day begins

Life slips between my fingers

It’s only in those first few seconds between dreaming and awake

When I remember all that makes this life important

And sometimes my heart breaks

A slippery plate


*Its difficult to stay on top of all the people in our lives who need a phone call, a message, a prayer. Social media provides a portal that we think connects us to who is important – it’s easy to believe we’ve covered all those relationships.

A heart here, smiling emoji there, high five and a joke. But beneath it all we live lives that are deeply fractured and disconnected due to the polarity and singular individualism of relying on such a cold virtual world.

I’m off to the pool, hope there is a lane free, should be, the season is changing and it’s cooler. Have a beautiful day.

10 thoughts on “Shattering and Fractured

  1. Very beautiful article yes we are living deeply fractured and disconnected in this cold world. Well shared thanks 😊👍

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