Last Day

Rain closes the curtain on the horizon Soft dove grey meets gunmetal glimmer Tepid taps on already wet shoulders Saturated hair Fresh water mingles with salt Another wave breaks, and I sink into shifting sand far beneath the surface Lost temporarily in the noisy crashing silence Rising I breathe moisture Floating, tumbling foam drifts through […]


Let my voice be a melody Reverberating with the energy of light Not hate Let my eyes be gentle, a reflection of my soul in control Not my ego Let my actions generate peace Let all toxins be rebuffed and may I only move With love *wouldn’t that be great, if we could all be […]


Rainwater rinses the trees and rooves Draws a curtain around the views Shuttering the attention to the sound of gushing guttering Waterfall stairs Dripping leaves Bare feet sinking into slippery grass We walk past each other, heads bowed behind umbrellas The clouds of the last few days drifting, taking my somber mood with them A […]