Plain things

I bought a teapotSecond handHumble and brownI thought it would be bestFor I had grown to distrustBeautifulFragilePrettyI was wrongIt leaks from an ill designed spoutFrom whence I pour the tea outIt dripsAnd puddlesInfuriatingly Which just goes to showPlain things are not trustworthy either

In here

I'll build a wall to sit behindWhere no one can get inNor troubles climb overThe noise and mindless dinOf out thereShall remainOut thereAnd I will remain in hereAnd I will black out all the windowsSo that no one can peer throughTo my soulAnd add their endless opinionsAnd judgementsTo what they think I should doOr not […]

Empty Saddle Riders

When the mind is without thought The silence buzzes Shrieks The area between the ears looms huge  Like a four lane highway  Empty of vehicles But full of noise Surging outwards to the ears Searching For sound  When the eyes are without sight Coloured lights  Flash against black Blue Silver Coiling Roiling The lack of […]

Missed Connections

Almost  If only I should have Could have These words rotate endlessly In the air about the head Things we wish we could have  If only Instead They are collective verbs and nouns Seen in the here and now Yet used to describe Sighed  Often with regret Someone whose time we shared Who now has […]

Opening the mind

When you don’t drink  And you change your small view of the world  The world opens up Waiting for life to change And not  changing within yourself? Well good luck with that but I suspect it would be an uphill battle. Once you shift within yourself however things that you previously wouldn’t consider  Shift, broaden […]

An orange in my pocketĀ 

Walking down a path I’ve never seen before Round corners And up hills Roaming for hours  With only an orange in my pocket  Time stops And I can’t remember what I was even worried about Freedom is leaving And it’s arriving It may be up an unfamiliar road Travelled  single file alone Walking circles in […]

Absolving and Evolving

Let it all fall away Come Go Stay For as long as it wants It won’t be long  That song that revolves in your head Around and around And around Dissolves Replaced by another instead These things that worry you so much! Won’t in six months These thoughts that dominate your mind Steal your time […]