The bone of truth

There are truths of the world And our own truths And the word truth itself is often open to speculation and slants of perspective when applied to the world and all the people in it Of whom most probably never even question the difference, or think about words such as truth and their meaning But […]

Sotto Voice

Thought about calling But I told myself, tomorrow. Little lies we tell ourselves To make it through Thoughts I’ve had Places I’ve been Conversations in my head Beneath my breath Quietly looking at a sunset somewhere Or a new sun rising The moon shape shifts through another month of black velvet curtains Opening Closing It’ll […]


To hold the hand flat on a searing surface Would be unthinkable Unbearable Psychical pain Physical pain Are equal They both light up the same area of the brain To hold a thought, a memory, of great pain unflinchingly Is as meaningful as taking a knife to our own jugular Yet we do it Constantly […]


What is the circumference of a mind? Where does it extend? There are times I send mine so far from me I wonder Will it ever come back? But it does Like a stray dog I haven’t seen in a while Trotting up the road Welcome home Scoop the fragment up And continue on. Another

Writing in ether

Ephemeral Intangible Insubstantial Lacking weight Lost reality breeds imbalance Snowball hurtling into a great nothing To write with ether Instead of ink To live in thought, slave to whim Without action Is to be as tactile as a ghost Morphing, drifting, hazy like a fog And twice as impenetrable The path is lost without the […]