Some days

Some days I cannot hold happiness It doesn’t visit In the yellow dress Rather it drifts past the peripheral A ghost of someone I once knew Some days I’m not sure what I am doing Or whether it matters anymore And as I cobble together positive thoughts They keep dropping Slipping Through finger tips that […]

An elegant solution?

I thought it would come with a gigantic bang Or a flood Or a fire Or a catastrophe Instead it tip toes quietly Through we humans Tapping on shoulders Come with me And they follow. The old ones first They know what is required Whilst loved ones are humbled Barely having time to say good […]


The jar shakes Things rattle Tip them in the bin No need for broken things If only it was so easy for human beings Toss the sour edges The misery flecked moody mouldy crumbs And the sadness that affects everyone around them Wipe them clean with a cloth There – all shiny again! Ready to […]

Last week

Last week, my head was different Last week, some things mattered more than others And the things that mattered then Have been reduced to nothing this week I see now This week, the things that matter Will not be the same as the next Nor the one after Or the one after that And whilst […]