Tiny Movies – Spoken Word Poetry

If you’re a newcomer to the blog, you wouldn’t have seen these spoken word poetry movies I made a few years ago. last night, I decided to bring them all to one place so that they are easy to access.

The creative process involves me first coming up with the poetry, then find the video clips (paid for and licensed via Artist) find the music (again licensed via Artlist) and then piece it all together until it flows. A few I also just took the video myself – but they were earlier works.

I loved making these movies but unfortunately they were time consuming so in the end I gave it up.

They don’t take long – some are backed by my voice, others have the words sewn in instead. Either way, take a moment and enjoy a different take on my poetry.

Living in the broader picture
The damn voice
Another day
Less – the gift that was Covid
Losing the fear of flying
Days and Trains
The dogmatic parrot
Be happy
Learning to get along (aspects of self)