I used to worry you would tire of the scenery The same hills Curves Bends A landscape undergoing seasons that change inexplicably And yet remain the same A few wildflowers in spring Ribs showing through a lack of rain Returning again and again Along a gradually eroding path Skimming an outline that is not meant […]


There comes a point In every trip When you look back And you can’t see home anymore And the lovely thing about travel Taking trips Is you always come home But with journeys of personal growth You go somewhere else. If you’re lucky You lose sight of everything you ever thought you knew Your thoughts […]

Parsley Pesto Pasta

This recipe came about because I wanted pesto but didn’t have the normal ingredients in my pantry and garden …so I improvised and it tastes better than normal pesto anyhow 1 big bunch Parsley 3 tblsp Nutritional Yeast 1 cup walnuts 1 tblsp Hemp seeds 1 tblsp sesame seeds 2 small cloves of garlic Salt […]

Spilt milk

Lines in the sand Down the side of a page Borders Constraints we place Some things in here Not over there Herded Contained Yet our lives spread Like spilt milk Just as suddenly, accidentally Dropped Stopped Even while we are so busy trying to control Everything *there was an awful accident here on the week-end. […]