Words saturating Permeating Spinning tales of temporary things Which do not need to be continued Yet the words spin, drawing more from the passing thought Then it requires Words Filling the gap, they come spilling from my tongue I hear them gushing Where does the geyser lie Under the skin In the lungs? verbiage continues […]

Wind Eaters

Wind eaters Life breathers Two wheels down The group pulled into the parking lot Of our quiet country town Rumble of big engines Silenced with a twist of a key Lift the helmet She grinned Brown face Silver hair She laughed Bold Sun drunk Shoulders back Unzipped jacket slung sideways They looked like they were […]

The difference is..

Two steps forward

One step back

Only this time

I don’t mind

And that makes all the difference

*I used to hate failure. So much so that I would apply the brakes constantly and not make the attempt.

A month or so ago I opened a Shopify shop – it was great fun – didn’t sell hardly anything. Today I closed it. Doesn’t bother me at all because oddly enough I don’t consider it a failure.

It was a lesson learned and now that I know how to use Shopify it will be much easier to set up next time if I decide to try selling something.

That’s all life is isn’t it? A series of lessons – what works, what doesn’t and what to do differently perhaps next time.

I’m not sure when I changed from worrying about failing to this easy breezy non concern – perhaps it was just lots of failures

Blogs that didn’t work so I shut them

Instagram that went to a thousand or so followers and then I blew it up on a whim (and regretted it – that one was a lovely gram and much more consistent and pretty then the one I currently have)

Facebook – epic fails all the time

So what? Social media is for the most part free and designed to be personally pliable straight out of the box

Whatever it is you feel you may be failing at today – don’t.

No much of a poetry post but my mind is not co operating with poetry.

It has been deep in boring office work the last few days. Left/right? Brain on brain off – I’m not sure but I’m getting a lot done in the “paid” work department so best keep at it.

Perhaps tomorrow the word birds will come back. See you then.

Where do we live?

Where are we building? And what? Virtual storehouse 300 posts Photos Internet ghosts That live on long after the original copy is gone Are there any originals? I don’t know anymore Perhaps we are all so interconnected Lives intersected Only by time zones Memories stored on the web Are we not avatars Standing next to […]