The Red Dancing Shoes

And around and around we go

But when we choose the groove

It’s a whole different ball game

The revolutions and repetitions begin to work in our favour

Lo and behold


*I started a “streak” 30 days ago – a running streak – set loop – no further no less 5.6km per day.

The thing about a commitment or streak is that it gives the mind no place to hide

I actually track my streaks with an app aptly (sorry couldn’t help it πŸ˜‚) named “streaks”

Thanks to my bull headed mulish tendencies when set on a course and the dread feeling of failing my app – I ran through chafe (bad combo of undies and tights quarter way through my streak had me noticing how close to broken glass scratching chafe can be) I bought a couple of thongs – not the sort that we Aussies wear on our feet (sorry if that is too much information) and kept running.

Eventually as of yesterday the chafe was gone (or rather – I now have callouses – too much info again I know – yet you have come this far – may as well continue reading )

So together with the aforementioned unmentionables,

I ran past the seduction of charming company and warm beds on Week-end mornings – I ran through sudden drops in temperature.

And I ran past my husbands frustrated utterances on watching me limp about earlier last month to “f*sake mate, give it a break for a day – the world won’t end”

But my streak would have


And the strangest thing happened around week two, alright three – I began to thrive and love my morning runs

Air pods and music helped immensely. Once I started using music to drown out the little whiney voice on my head it became mercifully peaceful instead.


Yesterday morning – because I have now decided to up the ante and run a 9km loop – I needed to leave in the pre dark dawn.

Because the majority of my run is along rock strewn trails I also put a head lamp on so I could see the terrain and so cars (on the highway part of the loop) could see me.

I don’t have to contend with “I don’t want to because…” anymore.

I’ve run through every excuse the whiney voice could come up with already so it doesn’t try it anymore.

The beauty of setting a 30 day no matter what commitment.

This run thing has become a habit, so now it runs itself – or rather it runs me.

I can’t not go

And that is the best bit about creating grooves of habit

Life is circular

We repeat

We lap

Why not choose the path and the things we lap with?

I’m taking running – it has so many beneficial impacts that it is difficult to come up with a reason not to

Blog posts

Yoga – at least a set of sun salutations per day

9 glasses of water

And my new 50 a day plie squat routine (awesome for runners) it hurts now but it won’t in a few days and instead I will probably be adding to it.

It’s all set into my app now so obviously I cannot fail

But I am seriously limiting what I put in that hellish thing because;

Have you ever heard the tale (Hans Christian Anderson – I think it was) about the little girl who wished for red dancing shoes but then when she put them on her feet, couldn’t stop dancing and her feet grew bloody and her legs weak yet on and on but she couldn’t take the shoes off – they were stuck!

Yes, well, the streaks app is a bit like that but well worth it to sort your lazy ass out if you need it.

By the time you read this I’m off on my new daily 9km circuit in the dark with a head lamp on looking like a weird cyclops clip clopping along probably wondering when I can up the ante again – not for 20 days says my sensible adult


Part of me is still that little girl who wanted red dancing shoes 😁


Sorry for the long post – a bit enthusiastic about things at present which means I tend to waffle.

Have an awesome day ❀️

My running playlist at the moment – these things are always personal taste but sometimes it’s nice to try another’s perspective.

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  1. πŸ˜‚ I love that you share too much – I have a tendency to do that too. Let’s be real eh? Well done for all that running and exercise too. I’m well impressed. 😊

    • I blame the endorphins πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚seem to be constantly happy and β€œhigh” at the moment. Read a quote the other day that was something like running is for people who can’t drink or take drugs – I was like, hmm yes very true 😁

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