The difference is..

Two steps forward

One step back

Only this time

I don’t mind

And that makes all the difference

*I used to hate failure. So much so that I would apply the brakes constantly and not make the attempt.

A month or so ago I opened a Shopify shop – it was great fun – didn’t sell hardly anything. Today I closed it. Doesn’t bother me at all because oddly enough I don’t consider it a failure.

It was a lesson learned and now that I know how to use Shopify it will be much easier to set up next time if I decide to try selling something.

That’s all life is isn’t it? A series of lessons – what works, what doesn’t and what to do differently perhaps next time.

I’m not sure when I changed from worrying about failing to this easy breezy non concern – perhaps it was just lots of failures

Blogs that didn’t work so I shut them

Instagram that went to a thousand or so followers and then I blew it up on a whim (and regretted it – that one was a lovely gram and much more consistent and pretty then the one I currently have)

Facebook – epic fails all the time

So what? Social media is for the most part free and designed to be personally pliable straight out of the box

Whatever it is you feel you may be failing at today – don’t.

No much of a poetry post but my mind is not co operating with poetry.

It has been deep in boring office work the last few days. Left/right? Brain on brain off – I’m not sure but I’m getting a lot done in the “paid” work department so best keep at it.

Perhaps tomorrow the word birds will come back. See you then.

13 thoughts on “The difference is..

  1. It’s so good to read today. And I found your posts. I seek them out! And as always, your words ring true to me. I’m literally a perfectionist at failing. 🤦🏼‍♀️ and trying new things, scrapping them, then questioning “what did I do?” I get overwhelmed by my energy to want to succeed and be the “be all” and then underwhelmed a minute later. I’m blaming it on Covid and the weather my friend. Your words are there~ 🐦💚 xoxo love and peace!

    • I think it is because although I’ve failed at plenty (because I’m so curious about life and I’m always trying new things) I have also found that nothing is wasted. Cheryl Strayed wrote something to that effect in her book “Tiny Beautiful Things” and I have found it to be true. Nothing – not even the smallest seemingly meaningless foray into some obscure craft – it’s not wasted. I plunge enormous energy into things that I am enthusiastic about and I have a sort of hyper focus about whatever the latest “it” is and then I drop it when I run out of enthusiasm – it used to bother me a lot but with time and hindsight – believe me when I say “truly nothing is wasted”. If you think it is then just wait awhile. Perhaps a life time – if nothing else it may give you just the words you need to continue a conversation with some old lady or chap who is in desperate need of conversation – this has happened to me and it brightened their day and mind. So that’s worthwhile isn’t it. 😊 we are drawn to the things meant for us – let us eat them in huge bites and not worry about the loss when it’s over – food is meant to be eaten – so is life 😁❤️ it is also meant to be interesting and absorbing and wonderful and beautiful – and that is the way I find it so I will keep trying everything and taking great big bites out of life. I’m high on endorphins right now so forgive the gush. My morning run is really inspiring me at the moment. Big ❤️to you and thanks for reading, your lovely comments always make my day.

  2. I failed at sudoku, I made a mistake. Ooops. I failed at coloring a mandala, the blue went where the green is supposed to be. Oooops. I failed at making a curry. Darn it. Didn’t taste much like curry, but I still ate it. I failed at making lots of money. Oh wait, I never really wanted to make lots of money. I failed at being popular. Why was I trying to be popular? I almost failed at breathing. Sheesh, that was a close call.

    • Hahaha yeah don’t fail at breathing that’s the one thing that will be permanent – everything else is a temporary set back or redirection. Sometimes cooking fails turn into the best tasting things ever! Of course sometimes they are disasters that even my dog won’t eat but hey – learnt something every time. 😊 have a good day my friend nice to have a new conversationalist along for the ride .

  3. I have to joust with that too on occasions. These days I laugh at myself what I catch it, not like how I used to eviscerate myself when younger. 🙂

    • Ahh the self eviscerating mind bubble – certainly been there myself Widds – it’s like having your worst enemy climb into your head and set up camp. We get older though and on friendlier terms with the lodger in the mind don’t we? I still have the odd red faced moment but really in the score of things earth shattering at the moment …my failure is small – now failure where it counts up top in important people though or rather people in important positions – hope they aren’t being too complacent 😂 grand scale f*ups at the top are a little more noteworthy.

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