Sotto Voice

Thought about calling But I told myself, tomorrow. Little lies we tell ourselves To make it through Thoughts I’ve had Places I’ve been Conversations in my head Beneath my breath Quietly looking at a sunset somewhere Or a new sun rising The moon shape shifts through another month of black velvet curtains Opening Closing It’ll […]


To hold the hand flat on a searing surface Would be unthinkable Unbearable Psychical pain Physical pain Are equal They both light up the same area of the brain To hold a thought, a memory, of great pain unflinchingly Is as meaningful as taking a knife to our own jugular Yet we do it Constantly […]


What is the circumference of a mind? Where does it extend? There are times I send mine so far from me I wonder Will it ever come back? But it does Like a stray dog I haven’t seen in a while Trotting up the road Welcome home Scoop the fragment up And continue on. Another

Writing in ether

Ephemeral Intangible Insubstantial Lacking weight Lost reality breeds imbalance Snowball hurtling into a great nothing To write with ether Instead of ink To live in thought, slave to whim Without action Is to be as tactile as a ghost Morphing, drifting, hazy like a fog And twice as impenetrable The path is lost without the […]