The bone of truth

There are truths of the world

And our own truths

And the word truth itself is often open to speculation and slants of perspective when applied to the world and all the people in it

Of whom most probably never even question the difference, or think about words such as truth and their meaning

But I do

And I’ve found that truth when it’s personal is very profound

It becomes the bedrock on which you can found your life and solid ground is something you perhaps don’t value unless you’ve lacked it

When truth enters your life it is like a bone, a spine and everything you say and do becomes muscle and sinew

Truth grows within you

As awareness begins to pumps blood through the bones of this truth you have made you begin to notice how being out of alignment can jolt you

And when the sinew grows sideways it pulls and twists and the bone that is truth doesn’t sit quite rightly anymore

And it can keep you awake in the night

And the adjustments may take years because truth is difficult to abide and it provokes all sorts of fears and anxiety that can be uncomfortable to grapple with

Until finally you understand that the only thing causing any of this

Is being out of alignment

And then integrity becomes a way of life and your own idea on what’s right becomes more important, than any noise from the audience

And your bones grow straight and your spine never twists, laughter is easier than anything you’ve previously experienced

All of that fighting and overthinking, wasted energy and tears

Are no longer necessary

Because truth overcomes everything


11 thoughts on “The bone of truth

  1. Interesting imagery. – my chiropractor would love it! When I think of Truth, I think of the “belt of truth,” the part of the spiritual armor Paul described in his letter to the Ephesians. Since Jesus is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” I think of His arms around me keeping me close to Him – like a parent holding a wiggly toddler! Truth is also like a seatbelt – it keeps me safe. It’s like a toolbelt – it equips me for whatever task I have to undertake. It’s like a soldier’s belt, it holds the weapons I need to fight the enemy – the “Father of Lies.” And it’s like a mountain climber’s belt, it keeps me from falling to my death whenever I stumble or sliding all the way back down if I slip, and it keeps me connected to the One at the top, who always encourages me to keep climbing higher. <3

  2. I hope then they find truthful witnesses in those hearings of this degree to get to the bottom of the Trump coup attempt on 1/6/20. At this point. Ms. Cheney is on my list of such a person.

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