Rainwater rinses the trees and rooves Draws a curtain around the views Shuttering the attention to the sound of gushing guttering Waterfall stairs Dripping leaves Bare feet sinking into slippery grass We walk past each other, heads bowed behind umbrellas The clouds of the last few days drifting, taking my somber mood with them A […]


This floating day, between now and then, and soon to beWith no definitive dateSomewhere past Christmas, yet not quite flipping calendars into a new yearDark clouds and a sodden beachEveryone I pass carries their anxiety in a fragile maskFurtive eyes wonderingfrom hour to hourWhat is coming around the bend They’ve let it loose. Set us […]

Recycling Outcomes

Weaving potential through fingertips grown sensitive to the thread Everything can be refashioned and repurposed New thinking on old thoughts, creating fresh insight, where once there was ought but failure and dead ends Revisiting the past with eyes grown wiser, older, kinder They say we can’t change what has already occurred, but we cannot change […]