Good Riddance Day

It is a gift to let go of things you know are no longer yours to hold


And cling to

Things that burn your fingers, trouble the mind

Those that unspool and rewind, repeating over and over

It is a blessing to be able to stand clear of the small pile of unnecessary thoughts, emotions, people, experiences

And to physically and consciously disown them

To bid goodbye to old versions, expired realities and personalities that won’t be going forward

Into the vast potential of an extraordinary new year

To say “good riddance”

And truly,

Let those things go

*”Good Riddance Day” is celebrated in New York’s Times Square once a year, usually on the 27th December. I love the idea of listing all those things, people, issues etc that I would like to say “goodbye” to permanently and therefore not carry forward.

Today it is the 31st December here in Oz and seems a favourable time to say “good riddance”. Many cultures have a similar theme including the Chinese who have big clean ups and throw outs before they celebrate Chinese New Year.

It seems we celebrate the new year, but not the year that came before, or all that which brought us here to this point. So often old behaviours and issues return in circular fashion to re-invade are our lives. Perhaps, in consciously listing and removing we can ensure some weeds are truly dead, and not able to rear their heads and pop up again in 2022.

PS – light any fires responsibly 👍🏻✌🏻🤙🏻

12 thoughts on “Good Riddance Day

  1. I love this idea… so many things to say good riddance to, and then welcome in the new year with light and love. 💫❤️

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  3. May your new year bring the departure of all you need to let go of, and their replacement with that which is far better. Thank you for continuing to share your wisdom with us here ☺️.

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