Strive harder. Break your own heart and fulfil the whispered yearnings of your soul.

What we aim for, we may achieve

Or perhaps not

The point is to strive

I have had many things which I have tried and failed

And many instances where I did not try hard enough

And failed

The difference to the level of my disappointment was equal to the amount of striving which I put into any one thing. In failing at the things to whichI had fully invested my heart, I was comforted by the fact that I had tried my best. In failing at the things in which I had not tried hard enough, there was a bitter taste of regret that was difficult to live with and still is.

Many people will get so beaten down by life not turning out the way they wish, that they decide not to try anymore. They numb themselves to enthusiasm of any kind and live a life of safely predictable outcomes. But safety and surety do not gift anyone with the unbridled passion that striving hard at the base of a mountainous scary dream provides. And your soul knows you are copping out, not living up to your full potential – living with soul deep dissatisfaction is horrendously difficult. I don’t recommend it. Far better to risk everything than to live within the constraints of comfort and predictability.

Don’t be that person – instead try harder

As long as we strive and try to the best of our ability than we may become disappointed by the failure, yet we will not be disappointed in ourself

And that makes all the difference

In Vrksasana (tree pose) when one struggles to find balance, the remedy is to lift the arms higher overhead. To reach higher. Yoga teaches me a great deal about myself and when I found out this little trick I enjoyed the parallel with how we create outcomes. When self doubt creeps in, and we feel a wobble of self confidence, it is at that moment that we should reach higher, try harder and concentrate all of our effort in the embodiment of courage rather than fearing and doubting.

Reach higher with the arms and the legs will stabilise

This year strive towards the things that you wish to achieve with all your heart. Don’t let the uncertainty of another year with Covid, past failures or self doubt hold you back. We have this one life to live, choose to throw yourself forward and try as hard as you can at everything that your soul desires. Be fearless, break your own heart, keep striving.

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars”

Norman Vincent Peale

16 thoughts on “Strive harder. Break your own heart and fulfil the whispered yearnings of your soul.

    • We all face failure and self doubt Rosaliene – at least those of us who are trying and living outside our comfort zones do… I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have a trace of self doubt and never fails – it is such a great proponent for growth 😊

  1. Yes In yoga, I have plenty of opportunities to dare to try. Of course, the wall’s always there if needed for balance support if need. Tree pose can become difficult as you get older.

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