Soldier on

I’ll put on my brave face And you shall don yours And between us The truth lies over and over as if nothing else matters But maintaining The lie That is bravery honoured And fear denied *Let me be clear – bravery, is not always the stoic face of the trained warrior It is also […]

Clean slates

Hours of scrubbing There is the wondering The pondering The wishing and the sighing As the hours drag by Still nothing gets done And it appears nothing ever will Until a way appears So Roll up the sleeves Apply elbow grease Add forgiveness Self acceptance A little divine deliverance And finally it is done You […]


There comes a point In every trip When you look back And you can’t see home anymore And the lovely thing about travel Taking trips Is you always come home But with journeys of personal growth You go somewhere else. If you’re lucky You lose sight of everything you ever thought you knew Your thoughts […]