Crumbs and crumbling

No longer serving tea and biscuits to doubt. I wish – that’s a lie, actually doubt is what keeps me real. It brings me back to earth, I listen to it and I self correct and keep going. Nothing wrong with humble but anything past that and you start to retreat into hiding. Which serves […]


You give me your words And I weave them in Stitching deep Beneath my skin On the outside I look like me But within I’m becoming A little bit of everyone *such a special month of stories – only a few left to go. Every time I write up an interview, add photos and create, […]

Subtlety is precious

Subtle What a beautiful word And I miss it Like my fathers wink And the wrinkles that preceded a droll reply Rippling across his forehead I miss it like my mother’s quirky quips As she stirred the custard One foot to knee bent legged like a yogi Balancing The art of saying one thing and […]