How much someone loves you Is not something which is located within you You are always 100% loveable Always 100% worthy How much someone can love you is only ever located in them You can’t control it Or take it Some people just have none to spare While others are abundant Overflowing Verdant Lush They […]

The Movie

Every human has a brain The brain produces thoughts about the world around and inside the human The thoughts create emotions that the human experiences The thoughts become the movie narrator The emotions create how the human experiences the movie And the entire drama is very absorbing Far more absorbing then the designer ever thought […]


In the mirror the sunset glows I imagine it feels better than reflecting faces Traces of humanity That stare Within its countenance Looking for answers Sighing Bemoaning another wrinkle How simple Instead To just reflect The sunset *walked past my mirror the other day at sunset – stunning colours of the scenery outside. Not me […]