Rainwater rinses the trees and rooves

Draws a curtain around the views

Shuttering the attention to the sound of gushing guttering

Waterfall stairs

Dripping leaves

Bare feet sinking into slippery grass

We walk past each other, heads bowed behind umbrellas

The clouds of the last few days drifting, taking my somber mood with them

A prescription of rich morning coffee, good cooking and interesting books

All taken whilst snuggled beneath covers, tossing in seawater with hot showers after or watching watercolour sunsets that evolve over hours

The whole world order could be refreshed thus

If only we would slow up and take our medicine

*And perhaps this is why we have the weird little break between Christmas and New Year, so that even the most time poor people have the space to reset their senses.

To those that have spent this precious time waiting in queues or at work, I’m sorry, I hope you find the remedy and rest you need soon.

3 thoughts on “Remedy

  1. Interesting. I’ve never seen the word rooves before. In the US it’s roofs. Google tells me that rooves is common everywhere else. I love language discoveries through international blogging. Like the time someone mentioned her hob. I’m like “What’s a hob?”

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