Recycling Outcomes

Weaving potential through fingertips grown sensitive to the thread

Everything can be refashioned and repurposed

New thinking on old thoughts, creating fresh insight, where once there was ought but failure and dead ends

Revisiting the past with eyes grown wiser, older, kinder

They say we can’t change what has already occurred, but we cannot change what will happen either, if we don’t pay attention to who we are becoming in the present moment

Circumstance is impartial to the manipulations of humans, emotions are anything but

Past, future and everything in between can be reformatted within the mind

Taken apart, rethought and realigned within present context

Going backwards we see our parents did the best they could

That we did too

Relationships that collapsed perhaps propelled us into a better state of being

Going forward we change because of this simple act of forgiveness, acceptance and repentance.

Forgive everyone, lighten your heart, move forward with clarity, this day is just the start of a brand new beginning

*Go easy on yourself. Begin again as often as necessary and twice in one day if required. A new year approaches, we stand poised on the threshold of 2022.

I feel optimistic but I think it’s important to look back, adjust my thinking, before going ahead into the new year. There have been mistakes, foibles, I’ve collected and let go of a few bad habits. Thorough examination always leads to better future outcomes.

I’ve begun looking back over my journal for the year, writing a few notes for the one that is coming. I have never done this before. It’s quite amazing how long, yet how crazily short the year has been. I’m enjoying the process and recommend the habit as a way of cementing any change for the better that has occurred throughout the year.

18 thoughts on “Recycling Outcomes

  1. I really resonate with your expression here Kate. The endings I experienced were extremely painful yet where I find myself in these new beginnings are so very special and more beautiful than I could of ever dreamed. Thank you for wrapping it all up so lovely I a way that feels like a hug of encouragement 😊

  2. Because my blog is a journal of not only what I’ve done, but what I thought as well, this would be easy for me to do. I review old posts, but in a random way without any intention. I will be interesting to see how my mindset has changed in a year (a pretty eventful year at that, too).

    • My blog is the same Jeff, a bit of a journal. Interestingly poems can take me back into a headspace or an event even better than journalling, because they work on a highly expressive level that I can’t reach with my journalling alone. I read a poem from five or six years ago recently and cried, I was very grateful to be where I am now rather than in that place.

      • After I read your post, I read over the titles of all my posts ever. I generally remember writing each one. I’m sure there are all kinds of emotional rollercoasters for me to ride in that history.

  3. This is so beautiful, Kate. It really speaks to my heart. In my part of the world I have been participating in something similar~I want back two years ago to right when Covid hit and I was going to go on the road full time. I’ve read up to now and something I had written 3 months ago really shifted my thinking just yesterday morning. I join you my friend in preparing for a new year and beginning again, as necessary. I appreciate your words, wisdom, and perspective on life. It’s so refreshing, affirming, and comforting. Sending you hugs and peace~Karla

  4. “Everything can be refashioned and repurposed….”
    That line in particular spoke to me. Over the last several months, I’ve come to the realization that I buy too many things. Not that I’m a shopaholic, I don’t get a high from it, but I replace items with newer models that still perform fine and purchase more clothes than I need, especially now that I have retired. It boils down to the fact that I consume too much; just because one can afford something doesn’t necessarily mean one should buy it. So… New Year’s resolution is to consume less.

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