Weary Tunes

A tree sitting in the garden

Locked into place

Held by roots, it cannot escape

And yet it changes

Season cycles turn green to brown

Faded leaves fall and flutter to the ground

Snakes that expand and lose their skin

Growing a new one they begin again

A cliff face may take a thousand years

Yet it erodes slowly evolving

Ancient monuments dissapear

Temperatures rising, lowering

Ocean currents flowing

All of nature is shouting to change

And yet humans cling to remaining the same

And seeing the same same same repeated

In other people

*This is part of some writing that I’m doing on the subject of Christmas. Approaching people with fresh eyes is exciting and yet we rarely do it. Continuing to perpetuate family dramas and squabbles year after year. Sometimes it is as if we are stuck in grooves that all go around on the same record together. Stuck on a tune, formed somewhere in the past, until something knocks it out of kilter, a death, an illness a chance appears to connect differently, more compassionately perhaps.

Or not, we waste the opportunity, squander the chance and it disappears.The family record continues to play, the same old tune in the same old way and we all dance to moves that could really do with an update to reflect who we are in 2022, having survived the past two years and come out the other side. Will this be the year that a different record is laid down, or will it just be a remix aka Fleetwood Mac with a different beat?

8 thoughts on “Weary Tunes

  1. This is beautiful and wise dear friend. I’m ready to change the record. It’s time to learn a new dance. It’s time for me to stop ruminating over the ruined and recreate with the rubble. Hugs and peace to you, dear Kate.

  2. Enjoyable poetry, prose and intriguing premise, Kate!

    Were we to consider the music, literally, according to Google, “There are around 130 million songs in the internet database, with a total time of about 1200 years.” So even if no new compositions get recorded, there’s plenty of preexisting tunes to keep everyone interested. Of course, the big questions are [1] would we find all that’s available pleasing to our ears and [2] how much of this would we deem to be… yawn… “the same old song and dance?”

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