Explaining yourself

Simple is as simple does

Such a simple thought and yet we love to convolute

Expanding situations into troublesome affairs

And wondering why no one understands that we just want simple

Causing chaos and stirring up drama the interior turmoil spills over

and burns someone who goes on to think we are an overly dramatic human

Why can’t they see we’re anything but, when we hand them the version that speaks of just that

And then rail at the world “but I’ve changed”

Unfortunately not

Because simple is as simple does and only the deranged continue to follow the same road, while stating they are on another

Perhaps stop explaining and complaining and just be

Whoever you are in this moment

*Embarrassingly this comes from personal experience. A “why can’t they see?” moment. A moment when I felt utterly misunderstood and then realised perhaps that was because I was saying one thing while being another. So this is a reminder – be who you are, don’t say who you are, not to you, the reader, but to myself. Again.

The truth is, no matter how much our interior has shifted, people will see us as the version they have created (perhaps with our help) in their head.

Given that others don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about us, and are largely preoccupied with themselves, chances are it could be awhile, if ever, before that new version of you takes affect on another persons consciousness. No matter how pleased we are with Version 20.7 of our upgraded self – others are probably still running Version 5 so, there’s that.

There is also the fact, that no matter how obviously terrific we are, others tend to see everyone how they are, not how we are. They have their own filter and criteria and a filing system with parameters that just can’t allow for all the wonderful little idiosyncrasies of every single person.

Because our brains don’t function that way and if they did? Every single person would spend all day preoccupied with things that don’t matter instead of focusing on the things that do. Like personal survival. Because that’s how brains work – in our favour, with our own bias toward self protection and advancement.

Yes, we also see other people in this way, so let’s not expect miracles of others when we are no more prepared to give up our precious time worrying about their every move either.

Christmas can be a great way to see if we have created lasting change within ourselves, or just added a few charming nuances that fall off under pressure and being around people who push our buttons. Family is great like that, they are mirrors for our behaviour, and we get to look into them, year after year after year.

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