Rising Tides

We are sandcastles Daily we build by night we are gone released into the potential of whatever tomorrows tidings bring. Some run screaming from that tide Clinging preciously to the lines that define Who they are What they think Others collapse gratefully knowing we are not the walls and turrets that a child builds with […]


MovementOut of the bodyAnd into potential A fieldBroadOpenEndless FencesOnly at the corners of the mind My mindRolling PulsingUndulating gentlyAway into the distanceFurther than the eye can seeThe windBrings hintsOf spring upon a warmer breezeSeasons changePeople comePeople leaveAll is in fluxIt always is

Houses and Homes

I walk through this house Passing empty rooms Where my children used to sleep  It feels like only moments ago that I would call “Goodnight I love you”  And hear their answering replies My footfalls seem so loud In this house gone quiet And the walls With their nicks and scrapes Tell their own stories […]