Houses and Homes

I walk through this house

Passing empty rooms

Where my children used to sleep 

It feels like only moments ago that I would call

“Goodnight I love you” 

And hear their answering replies

My footfalls seem so loud

In this house gone quiet

And the walls

With their nicks and scrapes

Tell their own stories

Of a time that is done

And gone

Nothing prepares you for when the kids move out. It’s a feeling of pride (that they are doing such a wonderful job of adulting) anxiety (because there is so much that can go wrong – hey I’ve got a great imagination) and grief.

Grief because a wonderful time, a very special time, is over and it will never ever come back – and this is the moment it hits you.

As you walk past empty rooms.

I have a very busy life that I love and this season means I have more to time to write, to travel and to be a little more selfish again – but…  as I wander past the boys empty rooms at night I really miss them. 

Which is of course is just another life change. What I don’t miss first thing in the morning is school day drama – my mornings are so peaceful now! My dog doesn’t have to be convinced to get out of bed – she is raring to go for a walk! 

Have a lovely day to all the parents out there – no matter what stage of parenting you are at – it is a special time. 

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