Tripping and Slipping

Blonde hair tumbling

pushed back with a restless hand

the chin that was so high

is wilting

Her insides are shining through

She can’t prevent them tumbling out

the things she’d normally lock away

are lost now in the shout of

“I’ll get the next round”

And I can’t help but think

happy people drink

in an altogether different way

to how sad people do

to how empty people do

to how stressed people


I could go over and offer a shoulder

I’ve been where she is and would

but it won’t do any good

in this mood she is embolden

to say more than she should

and none of it will make any sense

She is bent

and staggers slightly

on the next round

perhaps it is the height of her shoes

She laughs and blames the carpet

but the laughter is hollow, overly loud

and the face in the mirror

all slashing lipstick and thick mascara

cannot mask how her

eyes are crumbling
If you are tired of the drinking cycle and want to give it up completely or just a break (it’s dry July!) then a couple of good books and blogs are below. I’m sorry I don’t have links to Amazon but a few clicks should get you whatever you need.

Holly Whittaker and her amazing blog:

And these books are a great place to start πŸ‘Œ




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