Only the dust blows






Don’t get too caught up in it

Outside the weather continues

The soil opening daily to the sun

Our feet landing solidly

Against the earth we walk upon

I like to think of the depth

How far down it goes

Miles deep

Where the dust blows

It shifts

But further in

It holds firm

Like us

We are held

Further in

Beneath the skin

We are deep


Heart beats on

The clock in the thunderstorm

Until we are gone

And then

None of it matters anymore

*no matter what occurs in our lives – nature is there, the clouds, the sky the solidness of earth as it rotates bringing the sun up, down. Getting our amongst it, the dogs happy by my side, tails wagging come what may – their heads so much simpler then the thoughts that race through mine.

Cycles occurring. Again and again, it’s comforting this pulse of consistency.

Very comforting.

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