Writing is solitary

And whenever we make it less than that

We dilute ourselves

Yet we have to go out in the world to gather stories

Gather fuel

Food for the writing

It always shakes me up

I’ve been travelling


Routine falters

Concentration wanders

And the word birds fly to other fields

This morning

I tried to call them back

But my mind has nests in so many places at present

This blog

My Patreon

My new Facebook page and home for Audacity magazine

The magazine itself

The word birds are like starlings

They drift and weave high above


This small person walks with her dogs

Looking skywards hopefully

But they won’t roost

Then tonight


I heard a ruffle of feathers

Leather clad feet

I’ll boil water

Make tea

And wait for the word birds

To come home to me

*The new Facebook page is open. I’m not doing the precious gathering and hunting that one does – sharing the page to this and that – my previous page also called Athousandbitsofpaper on Facebook taught me a lot

And what it taught me is – Facebook is a marketing platform designed to sell product

I’m not a product

My poetry is heart felt

I don’t care for numbers – I care for authentic engagement

My magazine and storytelling mean a great deal to me as does my poetry

I shall not turn them into whores for publicity


Subtle post under personal page leaving everyone to make up their own mind

If I only have a few followers fine

They will be precious to me and I shall talk to them daily

Just like my friends here

Thanks again for listening

As always

It means a lot

Oh and the Facebook page in case anyone wants to follow is here I would love that 😊 and of course will high five back.

Emma my brand person has done an awesome job with the banner and it’s so much nicer to stand up with her awesome work behind me.

15 thoughts on “Dilution

    • I have a balanced flow as long as I’m in my own space but when I go wandering in others I fall out of balance – when you’re overflowing it’s brilliant – I like to fill in some drafts and then flesh them out later – write it all down somewhere for sure – you can draw on it in the off season then.

  1. Well, at least I got to read your lovely words. Dad in hospital a couple days with pneumonia. Home now but constant care. Sort of giving up on a writing life. But my brother comes for a few days and I’ll take the kindle along for a quick trip in our trailer. Not sure if I’ll have internet at campground, but at least I’ll be out of here a few days.

    • Oh Lynn, my heart goes out to you and your Dad pneumonia is a dreadful thing particularly in the elderly. You sound like you need your headspace urgently – take a notebook and pen and that way it doesn’t matter if you have no power you can still release some thoughts. Thinking of you X

  2. I also do my best with time to myself writing 😊 I’m not sure of much authenticity on FB anymore, too many posts that are selling but disguised as something else so at least you will bring some back 🤞🍀

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