Deeper in

Looking out the window Of a spaceship in flight An astronaut Could be forgiven For thinking this planet solid A simple spinning Green Blue Ball Zoom in closer And closer It isn’t a ball At all Closer in still Humans looming larger An eyeball Two Put them under a microscope Watch those globes disappear again […]


Words saturating Permeating Spinning tales of temporary things Which do not need to be continued Yet the words spin, drawing more from the passing thought Then it requires Words Filling the gap, they come spilling from my tongue I hear them gushing Where does the geyser lie Under the skin In the lungs? verbiage continues […]

Last week

Last week, my head was different Last week, some things mattered more than others And the things that mattered then Have been reduced to nothing this week I see now This week, the things that matter Will not be the same as the next Nor the one after Or the one after that And whilst […]