Busy thoughts tumbling Tastebuds blind to the coffee sluice Staring into the Abyss Mind taking notes All of this insanity Head bound intensity Sliced through By the sound of birdsong Warbling away Two magpies in the shade A sprinkler Is it dramatic to say They saved me From another gone by day Awareness and Grace […]

Asking questions

Swarm like bees Or Graceful as birds Moving in formation Words Thoughts Forming clusters That attract more and more Like to like Firing a question The thoughts descend Careful of the answers Ask accordingly Guidelines are important Never ask a question of the mind That can lead to a worrying thought Because on its heels […]

Trapped behind the glass

Anger At everything and no one Thoughts thrown Like logs I keep Piling them on Bonfire spreads Walk faster Even the dogs gingerly tread further out Their animal scents mine Funny how part of I can stand beside Watch the smoke rise And know “Ahhh here she goes – well things are bound to feel […]