Anno Domini 2022

What relevance is religion in the year of our Lord 2022? Oh my God, what if? What if my God? Two completely different questions, asked from a completely different emotional standpoint One is panicked and frightened , more a rhetorical question then anything The other a gentle query, uttered with steady faith, a peaceful heart, […]

Flying Kites

If sensitive to the less than picturesque ravages of time The grey hairs The wrinkles Outwardly changing Picture instead this The unravelling of all constraints which fear has laid upon you What others might think Or dread at what might happen If.. If you simply be and let all that is tightly buttoned and choking […]

Waxing Lyrical

The fingers of God A phenomenon which occurs when sunlight pours through clouds and reaches for the earth That sight which some poetic soul long ago coined “the fingers of God” A soft voice that whispers in our ears of awe and wonder Sometimes lyrically recalling a snatch of beautiful memory laid down in reverie […]

Hollow Hides

Childhood Homes It is as it always was Though different Ceilings lower Paint worn And the steps of the staircase I once walked Seem narrower Darker I don’t quite trust that creak beneath my feet It all feels very fragile Or is that me? Where once I ran without thought Rooms echoing to the sound […]