The Hats We Wear

I have a hatstand full of hats And yet usually I’m wearing a bright orange freebie Someone gave to me From OCG As a poet I love a metaphor So this has me thinking Perhaps the hat that suits me most Is the one that chooses me And maybe I should stop overthinking this thing […]


How do you name something formless? That lies beneath the metaphysical skin of a mythical creature constructed by air strokes with an invisible paintbrush Try And you may come close to where my thoughts go at the moment Was it a shadow rippling across the field in the last shaft of sunlight before the onset […]

Mirrors who we love

Wrote about this on Instagram this morning. A monk on a mountain will never learn as much about radical compassion and acceptance of others and self, as a person who is married and has children and extended family. The people who love us and who we love (and who annoy us at times) are our […]

Compassion as a privilege

I hadn’t really thought about this About personal growth and compassion being a privilege But it truly is I hadn’t thought that being able to make the choice to eat more responsibly, look after myself, my family and my surroundings To make ethical choices where the environment is concerned Is a privilege Elsewhere in the […]

Late blooming flowers

I didn’t mean to be mean to you I just didn’t like myself much at the time Apologies don’t mean much Ten years apart From separatist beginnings Late blooms of self forgiveness I wish they’d stay But flowers rarely last much longer Than just one day And in the heat of the moment They wilt […]