Sotto Voice

Thought about calling But I told myself, tomorrow. Little lies we tell ourselves To make it through Thoughts I’ve had Places I’ve been Conversations in my head Beneath my breath Quietly looking at a sunset somewhere Or a new sun rising The moon shape shifts through another month of black velvet curtains Opening Closing It’ll […]


Sunrise golden beamsThrough dark wood blindsPatterns against the wallGoldenDarknessGoldenDarknessGoldenDarknessStripes that envelope my handMy shoulderMy torsoMy legsWithGoldenDarknessGoldenDarknessGoldenDarknessI am a striped beingOf golden and darknessAnd I take these patterns with meInto the world This was Day 7 of the dirtythirty challenge on Facebook. I liked it so have included it here for those that aren’t partaking in […]


For so long I missed you Small hands tucked in mine I missed your strangling hugs And deep clinging love The way you wanted to be wherever I was You filled my ears with a thousand clever questions For so long I looked back with slithers of regret Shards of sharp ripe feeling I wished […]

Shattering and Fractured

Slip into my thoughts For we are all connected before we are born into another day Before the onslaught of words into our brains Only feelings and even those are vague Curling like smoke Warm like flames Then my eyes open And the words came And you were gone Buried deep within the maelstrom of […]