Waxing Lyrical

The fingers of God A phenomenon which occurs when sunlight pours through clouds and reaches for the earth That sight which some poetic soul long ago coined “the fingers of God” A soft voice that whispers in our ears of awe and wonder Sometimes lyrically recalling a snatch of beautiful memory laid down in reverie […]

Hollow Hides

Childhood Homes It is as it always was Though different Ceilings lower Paint worn And the steps of the staircase I once walked Seem narrower Darker I don’t quite trust that creak beneath my feet It all feels very fragile Or is that me? Where once I ran without thought Rooms echoing to the sound […]

Sotto Voice

Thought about calling But I told myself, tomorrow. Little lies we tell ourselves To make it through Thoughts I’ve had Places I’ve been Conversations in my head Beneath my breath Quietly looking at a sunset somewhere Or a new sun rising The moon shape shifts through another month of black velvet curtains Opening Closing It’ll […]


Sunrise golden beamsThrough dark wood blindsPatterns against the wallGoldenDarknessGoldenDarknessGoldenDarknessStripes that envelope my handMy shoulderMy torsoMy legsWithGoldenDarknessGoldenDarknessGoldenDarknessI am a striped beingOf golden and darknessAnd I take these patterns with meInto the world This was Day 7 of the dirtythirty challenge on Facebook. I liked it so have included it here for those that aren’t partaking in […]


For so long I missed you Small hands tucked in mine I missed your strangling hugs And deep clinging love The way you wanted to be wherever I was You filled my ears with a thousand clever questions For so long I looked back with slithers of regret Shards of sharp ripe feeling I wished […]