Humpty Dumpty (why people can’t be put back together again by other people)

The egg is a casing, fine and fragile

Inside there is life

We see the outer membrane, white and hard

Easily cracked – temper exploding

And it reminds me

The exterior is not all there is.

A soul dwells deep within

No soft fluffy chick, given

But still, there lies within all of us, more than this thin veneer of changing myth that we show to the world

Hard and white

Easily cracked

The egg is the ego veneer, beneath which lies more

I doubt they even know it

And yet

Tumbling off the bench explosion

Splat all over the floor

Now what did I do that for?

Try and find something deeper

Some eggs are empty, barren and deserted

Looking further just leaves the observer hurting

Reminded, that truly it is only ourselves that we can confidently explore

All else is merely assumption and illusion

*Don’t make the mistake of trying to reflect for someone else. Humans are incredibly complicated, we can only ever change our own behaviour and explore our own thinking.

10 thoughts on “Humpty Dumpty (why people can’t be put back together again by other people)

  1. A thought-provoking poetic reflection. Indeed, once we break through another person’s exterior shell, we may not like what we see within or able to deal with the “temper exploding.” On the other hand, when someone breaks through our own fragile selves, it’s up to us to put ourselves together again. The support of others does go a long way in making that possible <3

    • I love your thoughtful responses Rosaliene, the support of others is important, as is ours when someone is going through a crisis but in the end we cannot change for one another, just be there waiting at the other end.

    • It continually amazes me that when I shift my own behaviour and thinking, the other person seems to often change, or at least my perspective of them does and really that’s all we have to work within – perspective.

  2. Kate, what a beautiful rendering of Proverbs 14:10: “Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy.” Or as one of my friends told me, “Nobody knows what you’re going through except you.” (The reason I try never to say, “I know just how you feel.” – because I don’t.)

    • Thankyou for providing a proverb which so beautiful encapsulates this post. We are truly our own individual worlds and as much as we share, no one is really privy to our deepest layers, not even ourselves at times. Life is certainly interesting:

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