Sotto Voice

Thought about calling

But I told myself,


Little lies we tell ourselves

To make it through

Thoughts I’ve had

Places I’ve been

Conversations in my head

Beneath my breath

Quietly looking at a sunset somewhere

Or a new sun rising

The moon shape shifts through another month of black velvet curtains



It’ll go away again


This yearning

And the world will keep turning

As it always does

*and there are phone calls that I should make but I get lost in a crash of overthinking; so the days spin out, weaving walls between family members that become too difficult, too awkward to crawl over.


15 thoughts on “Sotto Voice

  1. Oh I love this Kate!
    As for me the phone rings often and I talk… sigh.. lol. but there are so many i do want to talk to but time is finite. 💖💖💖

  2. I understand this so very much, Kate. I love how you can capture in words what so many of us can understand. Xoxo 💛🤗

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