How do you love?

The mind

It likes figures and percentages

Facts and averages

But when I ask it how it loves

The analysis is strange

It compares apples

With oranges

And this one

With that

It contrasts and it eludes

It says I must love this one more

Because I surely couldn’t bear to lose them

But then when I say I have no favourites nor differences

Comparing friend with family

I love them all

It denies it

But you love this one higher says mind

I love this one differently says heart

And that’s altogether different

As difference always is

Which sends the mind to harping

Over inconsistencies

It dilly dallies about in useless pseudonym

Won’t answer me straight but in riddles

The heart is a straight shooter

While the mind is politician

Never ask it how to love

It has no idea but hypothesises

And compares

I’ve walked away

Left it talking to thin air

We just love

And that right there

Is all that’s required

I must be tired. I could taste the rhyme but it wouldn’t fall just right. Sometimes the words fall like water – sometimes like something is blocking the pipe, frogs in the system – maybe that’s why it jumps around tonight.

Anyway I loved the idea of how the blasted brain always has to turn everything into less then more then this much how much

And the heart just loves. It just loves.

6 thoughts on “How do you love?

    • Thanks Len, the heart does love what it loves. My brain is so convoluted and the thoughts it thinks keep me fascinated for ages but then I come out the other side of something and enjoy the simplicity of the heart “it is what it is” is perhaps the hearts message and it’s a powerful one.

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