The army settles for the night

When I have too much to say

The words won’t line up

They jostle

And push for place on the page

I’m too tired tonight to sort them

So they lie around in jumbled groups


Like loud teenagers

Too many words is usually not a problem for a writer

I’ve been sharpening my tools of late

Writing several hours on different things a day

So I’ve called forth this plethora

An army of thought

They sit mustered and blowing steam into the air

I don’t want them here right now

This minute

But they’ve come regardless

Hordes of them

Far as the eye can see



I sit before the fire

With my commitment and resolve

The daily blog

Must be posted

I open the door a crack


Ok you there with the not too much to say

Come in here

Lie down on the page

The rest of you

Get some sleep

And don’t come bothering me

I’ll come get what I need in the morning

Keep the peace

No talking

Lights out

Words lay down


And no snoring

And I finish this post

For you folk to read

It’s not brilliant

I know

But here it is here

And my songline continues


21 thoughts on “The army settles for the night

  1. Cool writing….

    I’m requesting you to check the below link & please write your comment. Previously I had contacted you to re-follow me after I migrated my site as my followers (including yourself) weren’t receiving the notification when I was publishing the post. Unfortunately, the issue hasn’t been resolved yet & this is my last try.

    Please do mention in your comment / feedback that you did not receive any notification (if you haven’t) and I’ve personally contacted you with the link to read my post, such that WP can read & hopefully troubleshoot the issue. Your feedback will help me in taking the decision.

    Thank you kindly in advance 🙏✨

      • You’re welcome. Well,…I’m excited about my future plans to write daily. I’m working so many hours right now. It’s absolutely crazy at the resort. I’ll spend the next few weeks hugging family and the mountains so I’m sure it will spur my creativity. I’m needing the space. To be able to follow my dream of writing more, I’m letting go of my position after Christmas. When I left education I struggled with what would “define” me. What will I be when I grow up? My wandering heart has made the decision to sell both my Subaru and RV and buy a Class C and hit the road in ‘21. This will be the “soul” of my writing. I informed my current campground/resort, let family know, and have the support of my partner, Jeff. He will fly and meet me when he can but realistically, I’ll still be “home” in MO several months a year~just not tied down workkamping so I can concentrate on growing my blog and publishing ideas. I make fishing rigs on the side for a fishing resort. But I want to just travel and write …and wander. 💚

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