How much someone loves you

Is not something which is located within you

You are always 100% loveable

Always 100% worthy

How much someone can love you is only ever located in them

You can’t control it

Or take it

Some people just have none to spare

While others are abundant




They have so much love

It will fall on you when all you did was simply brush past them

Those sort

They will confirm

That we were never a problem to solve in the first place

So just love

And fill yourself up to overflowing

Because so many people need more people

With love in abundance

Still on this loving theme which is nice. It’s nice to be feeling expansive and gentle and not locked and loaded as life will have us goaded into at times.

I’m too busy to be overthinking and I have so many people kindly gifting me with their stories. It’s beautiful, it really is.

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