Dancing with thoughts



And it all comes together

Months of looking at something solid

A wall in your way

Then the magic of watching it morph


Into a doorway

The mind is a living beast

We think it lives inside us

But it dwells just out of reach

Transmuting as we believe

And as what we believe changes

Everything becomes different

Eternally fascinating.

The alchemy of thought

Is certainly not a thing of the brain

Epiphany that hero

Is too brilliant to exist in such a grey commonplace organ

Instead it plays upon it

Like a musician with keys

Lighting it up

The sweet harmony

Ripples beneath a scan

Firing like lightening through a cloud

The neurologist thinks he is watching the artist


It is only the instrument beneath her hands

Thought dances


15 thoughts on “Dancing with thoughts

  1. WOW! This is wonderful. SO clever. And it truly is what happens if we will let it happen. I really LOVE this one.

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