Writing in ether




Lacking weight

Lost reality breeds imbalance

Snowball hurtling into a great nothing

To write with ether

Instead of ink

To live in thought, slave to whim

Without action

Is to be as tactile as a ghost

Morphing, drifting, hazy like a fog

And twice as impenetrable

The path is lost without the feel of the soil

We map with our feet, our hands

To do other – is to navigate on a cloudy night

We lose our stars

And wander fruitlessly

Becoming tired, mired, emeshed in the mind

Life becomes an endless maze

Through which no progress is ever made

*today I made a beginning. Which probably isn’t quite correct. I stood at the gates to the maze and looked. I wrote a post last week about all the things my device is to me. What I didn’t add was

It is my affliction

My loss

My I can’t quite recall

It is my distraction

My vice

My inescapable pull

That leads me away from my purpose

It’s my bad influence

It is my indulgence

My whim

My confidant

And naughty friend

It looks like dopamine in a glass and steel case

So for all the things that it is

I’m taking away 90%

I wrote this poem mostly in my notebook

Which was like plucking my eyebrows – painful and slow

And now I’m putting a band around the case

I still need it for work but funnily enough work isn’t an addiction – go figure 😏

But creativity is – and should be – but with parameters

And shopping on it is – apart from detrimental to the local community – unsatisfactory. The feel of cashmere and merino as it just begins to turn cold, the olives and pumpkins and spicy colours of knitted jumpers. Simple things, fit and shape and texture. We can’t discern these differences through a screen. It brings no pleasure, and leads to a feeling of emptiness instead of gratitude and warmth.

And the weather, well I guess I’ll have to look outside

And the news is boring and repetitious and overly dramatic

And my watch takes care of fitness metrics

And all the rest I can do with less of

And I know I’ve talked about this before and then around I go again

Because I think this time surely

But no – a change in weather and less outside and more inside the last few days has left me with an annoying phone habit again

It doesn’t take much


Back to work

The ever succinct Leunig

Written 26/4/22


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