Writing in ether

Ephemeral Intangible Insubstantial Lacking weight Lost reality breeds imbalance Snowball hurtling into a great nothing To write with ether Instead of ink To live in thought, slave to whim Without action Is to be as tactile as a ghost Morphing, drifting, hazy like a fog And twice as impenetrable The path is lost without the […]


I quite like the small format of Twitter which forces me to condense my poetry. A couple I quite like, included belo. I’m pretty hopeless on Twitter as I don’t really get into long conversations and am far too random and intermittent with my check ins…but I do like the small format poetry, will try […]


Beware the bounce and happy Beware sharing that aspect of personality as it arises Only a few appreciate it And it drains energy Keep it inside Bubble and break like a wave on the shore of a deserted beach Nobody sees Yet the ocean continues In all it’s glory *I take many breaks from social […]

The race to nowhere

The sensation of watching through a car window Life rushing past All those people that drive along side Faces in vehicles Passing by I’m moving fast Faces blur Life is a journey Not some ambling detour That goes around and around Sometimes it’s only the people in the same vehicle that are still here We […]