Beware the bounce and happy

Beware sharing that aspect of personality as it arises

Only a few appreciate it

And it drains energy

Keep it inside

Bubble and break like a wave on the shore of a deserted beach

Nobody sees

Yet the ocean continues

In all it’s glory

*I take many breaks from social media. I’ve learnt to. Social media (and I’m not talking about WordPress but rather Facebook, Instagram and those sorts of platforms) which are not designed for authentic sharing.

Or maybe humans are not designed for authentic sharing – who knows? Twenty years ago none of this existed and now we see mental health problems on a scale that has never before been witnessed.

Social media, its likes and follows and complex algorithms, it’s control and mechanisms are all designed for sales

And we are not merchandise

When I get happy and bouncy and excited about something I tend to bubble over and share it somewhere …

I’m so grateful to others that do this as I’ve picked up tips and inspiration and loads of information about all sorts of things from hiking to cooking to photography

However there is a caveat

These days I follow my feelings closely and if it feels good then I’m happy to share

When it stops feeling great and I need some head and heart space again I withdraw

And I take none of it seriously

A reminder to self and anyone else that needs to hear this – you are the ocean.

4 thoughts on “Waves

  1. Kate, I’m almost to the point of taking a break. I shut down everything today and went to the woods. I have a construction project going on here, trying to meet with illustrator to complete kid’s book, a health issue in family,…AND I get stuck, at times, on the hamster wheel of IG. Trying to “do” what other self-publishers do. But,…it’s not ME. Authenticity is all I crave. My real connections are here on WP. And when you’re here it’s like hiking, meditation without conversation, and a wonderful cup of coffee. My favorite things. 💚

    • Karla I agree whole heartedly, I had to take a massive break from everywhere online after I closed up Audacity and following my book release last year – everything felt so sales driven, it just wasn’t me at all. I think the pressure for self promotion when running a business or publishing or anything really these days is enormous. And it takes a toll. I am enjoying my poetry and posts for no reason other than sharing at the moment hut even then it sometimes feels a drain. I too love WordPress and the little circle that all corresponds here, it’s funny but this platform fills me up where the others drain me. So stay in touch here at least whilst on your very well deserved break. Xx

      • Thank you, Kate for your thoughts and insight ~always. I’m going to wait until my book launches before I break ~only because of reaching potential “tribe” members. There are some appearing. But my true connection with writing comes here. But it will be great to focus on getting into schools and just writing for that specific audience and also focusing on an adult project~I can do all of that without the constant pressure of the self-promotion. It does take a toll! This platform fills me too. I’ll be around a while. And glad to have you here. When the cool breezes blow I’ll be out on the trails more. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know! ❤️😘

  2. Karla, both your photos are beautiful and make me long to be there.
    As to the powerful social medias I refuse to be member of either. Unless we count WordPress.
    You should be able to be bubbly and share. I will most of the time do so with a phone call, an e-mail, a visit if nearby. Share with those you trust. I still don’t have time to answer all the WordPress friends.

    Find your peace first and foremost.


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