Until the wind changes

I cannot be what you want me to be

I can only be what I am

Pursed lips

Rolled eyes

Heavy sighs

These all come from your own insides

Not mine

Expectation is the killer of happiness

People pleasing

Just drains us

We go along perfectly fine

Until the wind changes

*It’s tricky – this three legged race through life with a partner.

Two humans growing in different directions, maintaining connections and friendships that mean so much to one and so little to another.

Opposing interests and divergent hobbies.

Trying to find common ground can sometimes be like scratching around after the topsoil has blown away.

I have found that although the wind changes – it also blows in new things, fresh air and it’s just matter of waiting




5 thoughts on “Until the wind changes

  1. So wonderfully expressed, Kate! “Expectation is the killer of happiness” and of marriages, too, as was my own experience. What a perfect description when you say: “It’s tricky – this three legged race through life with a partner.” The doldrums, too, has its role in preparing us for moving on when the wind changes.

    • I was once actually in a three legged race with my husband as my partner Rosaliene – it was hilarious as he is fiercely competitive and was trying to go as fast as possible whereas I was trying to work out a rhythm that made the whole process easier – we came first but he basically had to pick me up and throw me over the line with him. We both rolled around laughing afterwards but it always stuck with me just how hard it is to find a happy medium that works all the time and the truth of it is – we don’t. It’s impossible to be in complete harmony with another strong minded individual all the time. There is a lot of compromise. Marriage is a good teacher – So is parenting.

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