The race to nowhere

The sensation of watching through a car window

Life rushing past

All those people that drive along side

Faces in vehicles

Passing by

I’m moving fast

Faces blur

Life is a journey

Not some ambling detour

That goes around and around

Sometimes it’s only the people in the same vehicle that are still here

We change lanes

Lose followers

Get in a truck

Downsize to a Kombi van

Who is along for the ride?

Stop looking around

Just drive

Keep your eyes on the road

Who follows


Who goes


Who stays

Loves, laughs – treasure them

Another day passes

We can’t hold any of it

The least we can do






As we drive in this human race

To nowhere

11 thoughts on “The race to nowhere

  1. We can’t hold any of it: so true and the easiest thing to forget. Jase and I watched “Soul Surfer” last night. The true story of Bethany Hamilton, surfer who’s arm was snatched by a shark. TERRIBLE acting but a beautiful reminder to love life, all of it because it’s all there is.

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