Stained glass windows

There is something about people who have weathered difficult circumstances

Some get harder

Layered like strips of leather

Their mien once supple

Becomes tough and loses its pliable



They don’t bother with niceties

Voices sharp


Nasty bite

Random fights

Set off

Like clocks

Always at the point of alarm

Then there are the others



Porcelain thin

Touch forehead to forehead

Look within

Eyes like stained glass windows

Red tabernacle hearts beat slow


Real wisdom


Drawing you



*What is “stained” – can be tempered and turned into beautiful glass that creates patterns, reflections, pictures and stories that draw others in

Or simply broken

Left full of sharp jagged edges

That cut and cause pain

We decide.

It’s a choice.

And perhaps the most powerful one we make – how to respond.

How to behave.

11 thoughts on “Stained glass windows

  1. Delightful Kate 🙂 I tend to stuff the ugly things until I know how to respond in a more graceful manner. The key is staying proactive in learning how to respond better…..I keep getting distracted by bright shiny things hahaha!

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