Beating the white rabbit syndrome

I’m late

I’m late

Little white rabbit running over my skin

Pulling me into

The game of panic

Busy is as busy does

And I’m not having any


That cortisol rush dished up

On automatic

*this is how I cope with busy these days

By ignoring it

Everything will still get done

And actually more efficiently

We need somewhere more stable then the mind to hang our jacket

I hang mine on routine

On carefully chosen habit

I get up early

I run for an hour

And then because my dogs are large and function better as angels one by one

I walk each of them 2 km


And we chat while we walk

(Well I do)

Then I water the garden

Three hours after I get up

I eat breakfast in the sun

Then I begin work in the office

Two hours exercise

1 hour feeding the garden

Myself to myself

The white rabbit only wins when I don’t have this time

How we begin our days is important because it sets up for the rest of the hours to come

How do you start your day?

*also I just realised that some may not have read Alice in Wonderland…which is where my white rabbit analogy springs from.

13 thoughts on “Beating the white rabbit syndrome

  1. Through the Looking Glass. Great story. Maybe Lewis Caroll had migraines, but always loved it. Well, I don’t get in as much exercise as you do and I haven’t been walking the dog several times like I was now that my husband is here. But I have a writing/exercise/house cleaning/cooking schedule that varies by the day. SO I get in HIIT, full body, meditation and all that. But I don’t do two hours/day by any stretch. More like a half hour to an hour depending. Plus walks which I’ll get back to. But I start my day drinking coffee and sorting through my email and sometimes write this blog or a bit on my novel before getting breakfast for my charges here, making beds, doing dishes, more writing, exercising mid-afternoon and making dinner. My husband does dishes at night. I clean house on Fridays and change some of the beds each Friday. But it varies depending on the day of the week. Sundays I take totally off. Saturday we get pizza or Chinese or subs. Oh, and there’s gardening! I take care of my seeds mid-morning and as soon as they get planted, I’ll be weeding and watering as well. So I keep busy. 🙂

    • Sounds very busy Lynn! I have always avoided routine like the plague. I only noticed the other day that parts of my life were falling into these familiar boxes and that it was working well. I don’t know if it will stay that way or not but having habits and routine for the times that we don’t feel like doing the things we should seems like a good idea. At the moment leastways it feels good to have a familiar rhythm. Humans do well with rhythms but then so do dogs and other animals. Just something I’ve been thinking about – like Steve Jobs – how he always wore the same thing to avoid having to worry about what to wear. One less decision – so many decisions – it can wear a person out.

      • Simplify the decisions – I’ve had a reorganise or closet – some days I can stick to the capsule and some days I break out. I don’t throw things out anymore – I just store them and then bring them back into rotation when I feel the need for variety again. Think it is called shopping in your own wardrobe. I do simplify my groceries though – and what I eat. I’ve been sticking to porridge maple syrup banana and pecans every morning and my nails are super strong and hair thickening from the oats. So that’s a keeper.

    • Sounds lovely Len. Walking the dogs is a dawdle really – they stop and sniff and we wander so it’s really only the run I count as exercise – hopefully I’ll be running forever, I love it.

  2. Love your routine, it’s a keeper 🌼 I’m looking forward to having a new one soon. My routine has been soupy and unfulfilling as of late. Life has felt like a haphazard crap shoot. It’s good to have the contrast.

  3. Routine can be a fantastic thing, and the first things you do set the tone for the day, I always feel amazing after exercising early. And I agree, you’re actually more efficient if you’re not stressing.. Loved this one, take care:)

    • Thanks Christo – same wavelength – I used to avoid routine as I thought it was inhibiting to creativity – then I grew up and realised the only way to be free is to have a little discipline 😊

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