Where do we live?

Where are we building?

And what?

Virtual storehouse

300 posts


Internet ghosts

That live on long after the original copy is gone

Are there any originals?

I don’t know anymore

Perhaps we are all so interconnected

Lives intersected

Only by time zones

Memories stored on the web

Are we not avatars

Standing next to our own lives

Hearts beating

Transferring feeling

To some





Emojis carrying our heads up

Thumbs down

Every human wearing a crown hammered out of silicone

And ether

Nothing is real

Yet it just gets easier

To live a life without purpose or meaning

Stuck in some sort of dreaming mode


Each new app

Spreading another version of self

Torn off strips copy and pasted

Another hour wasted

That could have been spent really living instead.

*I am becoming increasingly hard on myself for time spent in the virtual world.

Years ago I studied (mainly out of interest and it is interesting) Falun Gong. Practitioners believe among other things, that we have a spiritual identity that lives in another dimension and the good that we do in this life adds “gong” (or good energy I guess for want of a better term) to this spiritual form. The goal is to add as much gong to the other entity as possible while alive in this human body.

There is a lot to the study and many parts of it make a lot of sense and this idea of not caring to much about this life, that it is all for this unseen dimension (heaven?) and the soul has links with many religions.

I don’t buy it. I love life. This very human and immediate life.

But it does concern me as I can get a little lost in my other virtual identity on Instagram or here on WordPress at times. Are we the person with loads of laundry and a grocery list to fill, bills to pay, paperwork and an office and a dog (thankfully) that reminds me to get off the bloody phone?

When I see it from Bodhi’s (my Boxer’s) point of view – human staring at phone, fingers moving over the screen, it makes no sense and every hit of common sense.

Put the phone down – do the ten thousand real things that need doing. This world will be here Monday, I need the week-end off to be really real.

See you Monday – have a “real/lay” good week-end.

Header photo is Bodhi

Here is another – when she was a little younger. Constant companion and oh so human in a dogs body.

21 thoughts on “Where do we live?

    • It’s such a pain Rosaliene as sometimes I love the connectivity of Instagram and others I don’t want to go anywhere near it. I’m learning the balance slowly – week-ends off are a must. It’s late Sunday. I’ve had such a lovely week-end not thinking about anything to do with the virtual world.

    • Hi Widds – it’s Sunday evening and couldn’t resist jumping back on – been a relaxing week-end in the real world though and even got some real world things accomplished …not the ironing though, always tomorrow. 😊 hope you had a lovely week-end too

  1. Bodhi is beautiful! I used to be heavily invested in New age spirituality, and the concept was that life is a big play and we create our own reality. This made me paranoid because i suffer from anxiety and kept thinking i would create negative things! Have a great weekend x

    • I know that concern – have certainly had it myself when all those books and movies like The Secret surfaced. I do think we create our own reality but if I can’t call up a million bucks with extremely focused thought (put quite a bit of time into that one before 😉) then I doubt I’m going to conjure up my plane crashing either. Visualisation works in a much broader arc then our little moment to moment worries and concerns.

      • I like to think of it as the universe will deliver what is best for us at that moment.
        And it not specific. So say we visualized more money, we may be gifted something.

  2. I’ve been feeling a little like this. Somehow stepping back means stepping off the virtual world or at least a reduction in it. Enjoy your weekend! 👍😊

  3. Bodhi! 🙂 Yes, yes and yes…….we are so good at being hard on ourselves, another way we forget to truly live. I often feel I’m in some self imposed holding tank waiting for my “real” life to begin. How foolish.

  4. Bodhi…Beautiful name, beautiful dog. Look at those compassionate little eyes! Wonderful words, as always. Really interested in that Gong person! I’ll have to look it up 🙂

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