Deeper in

Looking out the window Of a spaceship in flight An astronaut Could be forgiven For thinking this planet solid A simple spinning Green Blue Ball Zoom in closer And closer It isn’t a ball At all Closer in still Humans looming larger An eyeball Two Put them under a microscope Watch those globes disappear again […]

Where do we live?

Where are we building? And what? Virtual storehouse 300 posts Photos Internet ghosts That live on long after the original copy is gone Are there any originals? I don’t know anymore Perhaps we are all so interconnected Lives intersected Only by time zones Memories stored on the web Are we not avatars Standing next to […]

The subtle magic of moths

Flying to the light Flutter and surround Unavoidable Drawn Always Evening and dusk Butterflies wanderlust throughout the day Rockstars Everyone loves their gay colours The extravert Visiting each bush and flower Same lifecycle Same miracle Different brothers The Moth favours the dark All the better to see the light Even as it burns Wings singed […]