Hollows where the wind blows

There is a saying

“When you tell someone something about yourself

You give away a piece of your soul”

The poet is writing

Tearing off strips

Bloodied inkpot swirls

Type neatly across the page

Here have a piece of Kate

And I’m happy to share

But after a time all I’m left with

In here

Is a hollow divot

A little stone

Kicked out of place

Staring back in

The weight

That held my feet to the ground



Disconcerted feelings

14 thoughts on “Hollows where the wind blows

  1. I think life is supposed to work better than that, after all, it is a two-way street. Since I started blogging over six years ago, I have met and benefitted from so many wonderful people. I can honestly say that I get a lot more than I give…

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