Reflections of light

I am not your avatar

Although you can call me what you wish

And will

I’m not your feelings

To swallow bitter pills

As you look at my reflection

And see only your own

In your eyes I’m nothing

But what you grow



Know this

I am not what you think

And you can think what you like

Tear off another strip of paper


Your own version

My reality crumples it

And throws it away

I don’t even look at it

These words you say

Concocted through a filter of your choice

You think you have captured me

Yet my voice escapes

Like a homing pigeon it returns

I look at what you think

And smile

Haven’t you learnt anything?

In all this while



Anything like what you imagine

And you don’t even know yourself

A thousand reflections

On a vast ocean

Flickering holograms

Of pure potential

A whisper behind cupped hand

Will never understand


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