Being once the doing is already done

Walking will get me there

But in the end

I will never know where “there” is

Unless I stop

And just be that which I am trying to do

Doing is an infinite trudge

But being is suddenly arriving

Being is becoming

In fact

Being is already done

And it’s so relaxing to feel the energy suddenly surge as you are not leaning and reaching but instead allowing and accepting

*I read a book recently called “The Last Word on Power” there is a lot of good stuff in there but the biggest shift came from the realisation that it is not the “doing” that gets you anywhere, it is the “being”

And the being is what must always change to become something or someone else and therefore become different

At warp speed

The doing is just the peripheral baggage

We have all read this before and as Yoda says “there is no try do or not do” but what I think is better is “be or not be”

When I’m trying and striving and things aren’t going well I stop now and just be

I be the poet

I be the writer

I be the runner

I be the healthy person

I be the publisher/editor/creator of a magazine

I be the author of dozens of best sellers that are yet to come yes, but I inhabit that headspace now

I be whatever it is that I am striving to do


Because in the end

We need to stop doing all these things

And just be

Does this make sense?

It does to me



Consciousness shifting


7 thoughts on “Being once the doing is already done

  1. We are human *beings*…not human*doings*.

    That’s something that resonated with me very recently, which I would like to implement at my core. It’s tiring living with expectations all the time, and disappointing yourself when life doesn’t go as you hoped. Far better to simply try your best, but let life flow and just be…

  2. Enjoyed the read. Being & Doing. An ongoing problem for mr taylor 🙂 I’m too much of a doer. Become bored. Much my doing is reading & writing, and a compulsory 30-min walk daily. TV rarely attracts me, I lost the desire. I blame growing-older as well as time. Days seemed shorter, certainly day-light in months of winter. Enough of this musing. Thanks for this thread of writings — yours. Happy Friday! StaySafe😷

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