Normal should not be trusted

A little rant

Normal is as normal does
And humans love the dovetail
Of being “just like us”
Oxytocin primes a hit
Don’t we all love fitting in
So much so
Desires become normalised
And companies create legit
That humans willingly consume
Because standing out
Is synonymous
With death
To which we all pretend to be immune
But just remember what normal was
And is right now
Normal is dangerous and new “normals” should be closely watched
End rant…

Women didn’t vote and were ripe for a grope, a snide remark…

Everyone used to smoke in the office, on trains, planes, cars with the windows wound up…

Soooo many things that were normal, that are now not tolerated. What is normal but some kind of dangerous excuse for bad behaviour?…
Actual end rant 😁

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